Showcase your employment offer

Create and maintain a positive employer brand experience, emphasise your unique culture, perks and opportunities.
From simple job search websites to complete branded, social, and media experiences - either designed by us, your internal team or your agency of choice – SnapHire has a solution to meet your needs.
3 sections of a careers website, the job page, the our departments page and the our benefits page
4 job tiles being posted to a job board page

Job advertising

Post jobs to major job boards through our marketplace integrations and effortlessly generate sourced links for niche advertising platforms.
Automatic source tracking ensures you can measure the success of your advertising campaigns and target your advertising spend.

Get control over your recruitment agency spend

Automatically track and measure the success of the agencies you engage with.
Allow invited agency users to submit candidates via an agency-specific application form to be considered alongside all other applications.
Allow agencies to process candidates on specific jobs.
An agency user dragging the job seeker in the interview bucket
One-stop-shop or best-of-breed... why not both?
The ATS that integrates with the tools you already use in your organisation.

Attract talent through strategic recruitment marketing

Create positive interactions

Enhance your employment experience

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Mobile-first application form and candidate portal

Provide a professional, branded and user-friendly experience to candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
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Unlisted links

Easily generate a job link to allow a specific candidate or groups of candidates to apply without advertising your job.
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Customisable job adverts

Embed maps or videos, images and other content to showcase your job and the company culture.
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Profiled careers site content

Automatically present related jobs to careers site content such as business groups, brands, employee profiles and more.
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Control your job publishing strategy

Highlight key jobs by publishing them to the front page of the careers site.

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