Our story

Our Story

First established in 2003, SnapHire has been proudly supporting customers in New Zealand, Australia and the United States to achieve their talent management goals for over 20 years.
Our solutions are innovative and comprehensive yet simple to adopt. We place great importance on the 'human' aspect of our business and pride ourselves on the skills, expertise and insights gained from serving a broad and diverse range of customers over many years.
In 2014, with the launch of our Talent App Store product, Aotal Ltd was established as SnapHire and Talent App Store’s parent company. Our Aotal employees utilise our powerful SnapHire and Talent App Store technology to create scaleable talent management ecosystems for our clients.
A word from our CEO Richard
“At SnapHire we believe in the concept of ‘Human Technology’.  We feel technology should absolutely be an enabler to do the heavy lifting in order to deliver efficiencies and innovation, however in our opinion recruitment should still remain very much a ‘human’ process and we always reflect this sentiment in our professional relationships.

We consistently strive to be a kiwi company that is easy and friendly to do business with.  We believe that the best outcomes are achieved when there is a genuinely positive and engaging relationship between all stakeholders.  Our focus is firmly on assisting, supporting and enabling you to achieve your talent acquisition goals and vision through the effective utilisation and deployment of our constantly evolving technology and the innovation we offer.  We’re not just about delivering solutions; we’re about building lasting partnerships.”
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