Proactively source candidates

Quickly and easily search, filter and sort through candidates to find the best match or build pools of qualified candidates.
Use saved talent searches, profiling categories tailored to your organisation, keywords and other candidate details, to make finding the ideal candidates a breeze.
Visual of the saved search filters on the SnapHire dashboard
A visual of a candidate selected and a private tag applied

Nurture your talent community

Keep track of your prospective candidates by tagging candidates to create sub-talent pools.
Collaborate with others across your organisation by setting up shared team tags.
Add organisation-specific evaluation markings to highlight critical skills, relevant experience, or potential warnings.

Personalise your layout

Configure and manage your search results effortlessly with the ability to add columns to view the key information that is important to you.
Drag and drop enables you to rearrange your columns for easy visibility and access to key information.
The candidate table with the drag and drop enabled
One-stop-shop or best-of-breed... why not both?
The ATS that integrates with the tools you already use in your organisation.

Powerful CRM capabilities

SnapHire CRM

Candidate-centric functionality

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Automated job alerts

Bundled job marketing emails to subscribed candidates.
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Targeted candidate data collection

Automatically collect candidate expertise-specific information during registration.
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Optimised employee experience

Employee-specific job adverts, position descriptions, application questions, referral programs and processes.
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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Capture candidate DEI data and present it anonymously via reports.
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Prioritise candidate care

Monitor candidate experience across the recruitment process and alert users when target timeframes aren’t met.
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Candidate communications

Easy templated, automated and personalised communication features ensure candidates are kept informed.

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