Interview scheduling

Create, remove or edit interview slots via a job appointment calendar.
Send a link to your candidates to book a time that suits their schedule. An email will be automatically sent to confirm all the details.
Two window snippets displaying two different steps of the interview scheduling process.
A screen displaying the confirmation screen of an employment agreement being generated.

Fully integrated document generation

Take the effort and risk out of dealing with employment-related documentation by generating employment documentation, gaining approval and digital acceptance all from within the SnapHire platform.
A screen displaying an application form with questions that can be used to automate the hiring process such as 'Do you hold any qualifications?'.

Smart automated application processing, screening, and filtering

Process, screen, and filter applications automatically, enhancing the efficiency of the entire evaluation process while ensuring that only those meeting the "screen-in" criteria move forward.
Two window snippets displaying the onboarding tasks of a candidate.

Seamless onboarding

SnapHire’s onboarding functionality removes the recruitment administration associated with oboarding new employees.
Our seamless, mobile-first onboarding experience smooths the path for new employees, delivering and/or capturing a wide range of resources and data.
One-stop-shop or best-of-breed... why not both?
The ATS that integrates with the tools you already use in your organisation.

Administrative efforts are significantly reduced with robust processing capabilities

Empower your recruitment with a suite of flexible capabilities

Efficiency-driven application workflows

Tailored registration and application workflows are meticulously crafted to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your recruitment processes.

Configurable workflow engine

Capture data throughout the recruitment process and seamlessly integrate it into reports, documents and emails, or pass it through to your technology partners via marketplace integrations.

Effortless data compilation

SnapHire's bulk print functionality allows the easy compilation of candidate or application information into PDF documents for printing or sharing.

Productivity dashboard

All your daily tasks in one place. Minimise administrative workload, speed up the flow of information, and simplify the recruitment journey for all parties engaged in the hiring process.

Transparent recruitment progress

Keep stakeholders informed with timely email notifications or reminders, strategically linked to processing tasks or recruitment stages.

Bulk application handling

Expedite volume recruitment by emailing, sending text messages, or shifting a list of applications to different recruitment stages.

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