Mobile-first candidate portal

Stay competitive and reach candidates anywhere by providing an optimal user experience to mobile candidates.
Visuals of the candidate portal on a mobile device
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Full branded experience

Your brand is reflected everywhere from browsing content, searching for jobs, registering, applying, managing their applications and profile through to receiving emails.

Reduce candidate admin

Candidates can review and digitally accept an offer, and automatically move into a seamless onboarding experience via their candidate portal.
Visuals of the candidate actions and bank account information form
One-stop-shop or best-of-breed... why not both?
The ATS that integrates with the tools you already use in your organisation.

A fully-featured candidate portal

Candidate-centric functionality to streamline the application process

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Progressive applications

Downsize your application form and ask candidates for the information only when needed in the application process
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Register and save time later

Questions previously answered by candidates are automatically pre-populated in subsequent job applications
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Question templates

Highly configurable application form templates, with a huge range of question types to choose from
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Automatic reminders

Automated reminders and updates keep the candidate informed of the status of their application.
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Privacy act compliant

Candidates can control their privacy settings and opt in / out of job alerts.
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Frictionless sign up

Choose from a number of social login apps in our marketplace and allow your candidates to sign in to their profile using their favourite identity provider (SSO).

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