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We offer a wide range of integration alternatives so that you can choose the approach that best suits your needs.

Build your own app

The first option is to have your own team build the app. You will be assigned an Integration Consultant to assist your team and make the integration process a breeze.

Let us build the app for you

Nobody knows our technology like we do. We can take on the development work to integrate your product into the SnapHire Marketplace.

Hire a third-party developer

You can employ an external software development agency to build your app. We will assist them throughout the integration process just like we would with your internal team.
A diagram depicting how the SnapHire API's work
A visual representation of private and public apps in the marketplace.

Public vs private apps

A public app is the best option for HR Providers that are looking to expose their app to all SnapHire clients with a single integration.
A private app is only accessible by one organisation and it's an alternative for SnapHire clients who look to integrate their own internal systems with their SnapHire ATS.


SnapHire Marketplace is powered by our Integration as a Service platform, Talent App Store (TAS).
We have compiled a list of how-to guides for the most common integration scenarios.
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