Comprehensive insights

SnapHire Analytics provides comprehensive real-time insights into the effectiveness and performance of all aspects of your recruitment process.
Track your time to hire, time to fill, sourcing effectiveness, media performance, process efficiency, recruiter and team activity, plus hundreds of other vital signs.
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Reporting services

We support clients to get the most out of SnapHire reporting by discussing your reporting goals, providing reports training, identifying reports that can be scheduled, and any reports that require customisation to provide the data that will track and measure your progress against your recruitment KPIs.
SnapHire offers all clients a full suite of standard reports, comprehensive report training, report consultancy services and additional bespoke reporting according to client requirements.

Real-time dashboard

Key analytics are presented within SnapHire, with metrics such as:
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Jobs advertised today
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Jobs open today
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Current vacancies
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Job applications this month
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Total offers this month
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Total hires this month
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Time to offer this month
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Time to hire this month
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Top application sources this year
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Average time to hire this year
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Powerful reporting capabilities

SnapHire Analytics

Measure the success of your recruitment strategies

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Scheduled dashboards

Monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, and yearly automated, scheduled dashboard reports.
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Time-to reports

Measure the average time to offer, hire and start and more.
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Application transition reports

Identify application processing trends to understand your recruitment process bottlenecks.
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Sourcing reports

Automatic media tracking enables clients to identify the most effective advertising channels and target advertising spend.
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Diversity Reports

Anonymously capture diversity, equity and inclusion data and analyse metrics within the hiring process.
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User performance reports

Use recruitment metrics to evaluate user performance and target training.
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Number of vacancies

Measure and track the number of vacancies by region, business unit, recruiter and more.
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Candidate drop-off rate

Understand when and why candidates drop out of your recruitment process.

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