Diverse workflow support

SnapHire accommodates a multitude of recruitment strategies, catering to various needs such as bulk hiring, knowledge worker recruitment, specialist roles, and administrative positions.
Define the recruitment stages and associated tasks for recruiters, managers, and candidates, designing the workflow to your unique requirements.
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A visual of adding an evaluation to a jobseeker using the dropdown menu

Streamlined, configurable collaboration for hiring manager

For each process, you define the tasks and stages for your hiring managers, ensuring they can easily complete the tasks that matter.

Flexible job requisition processes

Utilise a filtered, template library storing your adverts, position descriptions, application questions, and job image; or create a job from scratch, you decide how flexible vs structured you want your job requisition process to be.
A visual of the agency user uploading a resume on behalf of the jobseeker
One-stop-shop or best-of-breed... why not both?
The ATS that integrates with the tools you already use in your organisation.

Adapt your recruitment system to the unique needs of your industry and organisation size

Take control of your ATS

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Additional managers

Avoid disruptions by creating a hiring team, linking multiple ‘trusted’ users to a job.
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Jobs dashboard

View and filter jobs for different business groups, recruiters, brands or statuses.
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Personalised preferences

Managers can define a default jobs filter, signature details and grant other managers access to their jobs.
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Configurable welcome message

Welcome messages specific to the user type provide updates, reminders or useful links to training materials and other related systems.
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Compliance and audit trails

A customised workflow will ensure that all steps are followed. This is particularly important in industries with strict regulatory requirements.
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Data precision made easy

Simplify the process of gathering information with more than 25 distinct data field types and a range of configuration settings for both users and candidates.
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Provide a tailored candidate experience

Design your unique candidate application processes specific to the candidate type, the job family, the candidate profile and job requirements.
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Showcase your company culture in your emails

Easily customise the content of your email templates, ensuring all communications reflect your company culture and employment brand.
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Collaborate better

For organisations that operate across multiple countries, brands or quite separate business groups, recruiter teams can be useful to limit recruiter access to only jobs and applications within their area.

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